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Kally Joanne is a Holistic Therapist turned Certified Life Therapist, Mindset Mentor and Qualified Teacher. 

She's also an NLP Practitioner who is currently qualifying in Psychotherapy and Counselling. 

Join Kally's mission to enrich lives through mindset mentoring, online guides, books and programs;

as well as workshops and retreats.  


Unlock your full potential with Kally's transformative and mindful expertise to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Through a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness practices, goal setting strategies and self-discovery techniques; Kally is growing an online community where we can all embark on a journey of personal growth,

self-awareness and positive change. Kally's vision is to inspire, motivate and empower each and every one of you to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives as you embark on a path towards clarity, confidence and genuine happiness.

Which Life Aspect Would You Like To Improve?
Kally Joanne Wellness - Health & Wellbeing

Staying in good health is very important for all of us. It means that we can achieve more of the things we want to do in life. In this Mentorship you can learn to focus on what is important for you and your health and wellbeing as well as setting achievable goals for exactly how healthy you want to become. 

Kally Joanne Wellness - Personal Development

Personality development plays an important role in developing not only your outer but also inner self. Our character defines who we are and we tend to be judged on our character.

In this Mentorship you can learn to fine tune your character and become the person you want to be to live out your dream life.

Kally Joanne Wellness - Career & Business Lifestyle

Free yourself from the daily grind and rat race. By setting and achieving meaningful life and career goals you can achieve increased job satisfaction, 

higher self-esteem and improved quality of life, all meaning more time for.​ This Mentorship focuses on your life and work balance. If you are feeling a conflict in your career this Mentorship could help you to come up with revelations that will improve your life and work balance lifestyle. 

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Mindset shapes our perspective and approach to life, while accountability ensures that we take ownership of our actions and the outcomes. These are important aspects of personal growth and success. In this Mentorship for Mindset & Accountability you will learn how to develop your mindset to enhance your ability to deal with life's ups and downs. 

Kally Joanne Wellness - Relationship Development

Love connects all relationships, without love, relationships would not exist. In this Relationship Development Mentorship you will discover opportunities for change, romance and success to create the changes you want in your relationship life, as well as choose what is most important for you in this area of your life. 

Kally Joanne Wellness - Emotional Wellbeing

Is it time for you to transform your negative emotions that are no longer healthy for you? In Kally Joanne's Mentorship for Emotional Wellbeing you will learn how to choose to be happy, to let the negative thoughts go and replace them with a positive emotion that you want to feel everyday. 

Kally Joanne Wellness - Abundance

Having an abundance mindset can change your life. In this Mentorship you will learn to adopt an abundant mindset which will help you to focus on your goals and realise how you are already abundant. When you focus on building an abundant life, you will come from a place of gratitude and appreciation; Creating more opportunity, more happiness and more fulfilment.​ It will help you to focus on celebrating your achievements.

Kally Joanne Wellness - Intellectual Development

Productivity and learning helps us to deal with big life changes, like a new career choice or a move to a new city. Productivity and learning will help you to combat staleness, get you excited again and jump-start your personal growth. ​In this month's Mentorship you will learn to identify how you want to develop your productivity skills and what new things you want to learn.

Kally Joanne Wellness - Social Development

Social interactions are great for your mental health; The emotional support provided by social connections helps to reduce the damaging effects of stress and can give you a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

In this Social Development Mentorship you will learn to improve your social life and become a social butterfly.

Kally Joanne Wellness - Travel Lifestyle

This Mentorship focuses on the aspect of your travel lifestyle; a life where you can explore the wonders of the world and be able to participate in fun activities and enjoy life events. This Mentorship allows you to recognise the steps that you need to take in order to make your travel lifestyle more enjoyable. 

Kally Joanne Wellness - Quality of Life

Quality of life is a measurement of your happiness that is an essential component of many life decisions. Factors that play a role in the quality of life vary according to your personal preferences. What we do day to day creates our life. In this Mentorship you will learn how you can schedule more time for the things you really want to do in order to improve your quality of life and making sure your routine leaves time for self- care.

Kally Joanne Wellness - Life Vision & Goals

In this month's Mentorship Kally Joanne will guide you through a process where you can release your old patterns and energy blocks. You will learn how to set future goals and how to focus on your goals and bring them into your reality. By writing out your hopes and dreams for the future, this months Mentorship will teach you to do just that. 

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