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The Mindful Academy

Kally Joanne is a Mindful Living Teacher, Mentor and Life Coach. Kally hosts a range of mentorships, programs, courses, workshops and retreats throughout the year.

The Mindful Academy offers a range of mentorships, programs, courses, workshops and retreats focused on mindful living, personal development, manifesting and Reiki. 


The Mindful Academy aims to enhance individuals' mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through practical teachings and techniques. Members can explore various topics, learn valuable skills and gain insights to help them lead more fulfilling lives. Whether it's cultivating mindfulness, harnessing positive energies, or understanding the principles of manifesting, The Mindful Academy provides a platform for self-improvement and growth.

Holistic Life Therapy with Kally Joanne Wellness

  Kally's Mindful Mentorships will help you to discover how to thrive in each area of  your life


Are you seeking a transformational experience that will empower you to lead a more mindful and fulfilling life? 

Mindful Living with Kally Joanne Wellness

Monthly Mindful Living will help you to achieve success and happiness in every aspect of your life

Reiki courses with Kally Joanne Wellness

Learn to become a Reiki Practitioner online and how to use this powerful healing technique for your own wellbeing as well as to help others


Personal Development  combined with Mindful Mentorship will guide you through a process of self-growth and transformation

Kally Joanne Wellness Workshops & Retreats

Kally Joanne hosts a range of  Workshops & Retreats


Online or In Person


Kally Joanne hosts a range of Workshops and Retreats throughout the year. For more information and dates please contact us.

Kally Joanne Wellness Workshops & Retreats
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