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About Kally Joanne

Hi, I'm Kally Joanne; I am a Mindful Mentor, Certified Life Coach and Qualified Teacher. 

I teach you how to enrich your life by mindfully mentoring you into improving aspects of your life.

As a qualified teacher in personal development I provide mentorships, coaching, online programs and retreats to help you improve your life and live a better life.

I am an expert and teacher of Holistic Wellbeing; This is the practice of treating the whole mind, body and spirit. It is an essential factor when I'm helping people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle by offering practical advice and sharing my deep knowledge of mindful and energetic principles. 

I qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher over twelve years ago and I was taught by two Zen Buddhist Monks at the yoga school of Zenways where I learned mindfulness techniques. It was here that I embraced the daily practice of mindful living and discovered that it can reduce stress by calming the mind, improve physical health, increase mental clarity and promote inner peace. The Zen Yoga philosophy works to heal the mind and body from the inside out. It is about being in the moment and being in touch with the here and now.


I am a Certified Member of The Online Therapy Directory and have qualifications in Holistic Nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I originally became a Reiki Practitioner in 2011 after becoming very interested in the body's Chakra System and learning that our bodies have a unique way of healing. I went on to study many other holistic therapies.


I continued my studies with The School of Natural Health Sciences and I have since qualified in Holistic Nutrition, NLP, Life Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy. I achieved my Level 3 Award in Education and Training in 2021 and I still continue to keep learning and developing my skills. 


Curriculum Vitae
  • Fully Certified, Accredited & Insured

  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training

  • Qualified Life Coach

  • Counsellor & Psychotherapist

  • NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner

  • 12 years Holistic Therapy experience

  • Reiki Master & Empath 

  • BTEC Level 5 Anatomy & Physiology

  • Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher for over 12 years (200hr Yoga Alliance)

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