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What is a Life Therapist?

A Life Therapist is someone who can help you identify strengths and weaknesses and overcome obstacles in your life that may be holding you back. Think of them like a life mentor who can help you reach your goals.

Holistic Life Therapy is about helping people to identify the blocks or obstacles that keep getting in their way, assisting them with finding motivation and pin pointing any resistance to change. Life Therapy focuses on what's happening right now, what a person wants next and how that gap can be bridged.

How is a Life Therapist different from a Counsellor or Psychologist?
There are some major differences between Holistic Life Therapy and mental health therapy.
A psychological counsellor is a mental health professional who has a master's degree (MA) in psychology, counselling or a related field. 

A Life Therapist looks at your present to help you create the future you desire, while a counsellor looks at your past to help you manage your present. 

A session with a Life Therapist will feel a lot different than one with a counsellor; Holistic Life Therapy sessions focus on specific areas of your life and there will be no diagnosis. Where as a licensed counsellor will diagnose disorders, have the skills and tools to work with traumas, and work with short-term behavioural modifications.

Kally Joanne Wellness - Life Therapy

In Kally Joanne's Holistic Life Therapy Course she will cover 12 different areas of your life, we will discuss where you would most like to make improvements and set goals for each area of your life. So whether you are looking to improve your relationships, your career or become more abundant and even more, this course can help you. 

Do you feel stuck in your life or stressed out? So far you've been trying everything to make your life a little better but you seem to not be able to get the results you want?

Would you like to create a clear vision of the person you want to become and the life you want to live? 

Every dream, every desire, every goal - everything that you really want?

Do you want to achieve a vision of success in all 12 areas of your life? 

Kally Joanne will guide you through your step-by-step plan for creating your dream life. We will work together to improve all 12 areas of your life and empower you to thrive in each of them. 


Start today and through this process, you will rediscover who you really are. What you really want. And what you’re really capable of.

Create a life vision and the freedom to achieve your ultimate dream life - it’s never too late, and no dream is too hard.


This is your time to finally say YES to your dreams!

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