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Health & Wellness Online Guide & Course Bundle

Health & Wellness Guide & Course Bundle - Mindful Living with Kally Joanne


This guide has over 2 hours of content - Available to download now 


This guide includes:


Lesson 1

  • How To Create Your Ideal Health & Wellness Lifestyle
  • How To Create Your Life Vision For Your Health & Wellness
  • Using The Law Of Attraction
  • Knowledge About The Law of Attraction
  • About The Health & Wellness Aspect Of Your Life And Why It’s Important
  • How To Decide On Your Life Vision For Your Ultimate Health & Wellness
  • Plus ~ Complete The Homework and Questions about Your Ideal Health & Wellness Life


Lesson 2 

  • About your desires - Understand exactly what you want to achieve in this area of your life and the experiences you would like to have

  • What are your beliefs and thought patterns - how you already see this area of your life and also how you want it to be in the future.

  • About your Essence - How you want to feel when you achieve your desires - how you want to feel in this area of your life, now and in the future

  • What Actions will you take to achieve your desires - how you are going to achieve your desires or create the feelings outlined in your essence.
  • Plus ~ Complete The Homework and Questions 


Lesson 3

  • About the Law of Attraction 

  • How to create your Action Plan for your Health & Wellness

  • How to set your SMART goals for the year ahead

  • About Gratitude and Affirmations and how to create your own lists of these

  • About the importance of Manifesting & Envisioning, writing your unique vision and creating a vision board for your Health & Wellness 

  • Plus ~ Complete The Homework and Questions


Lesson 4

  • About the Law of Attraction 

  • About the Chakras

  • Discover Energy Blocks Around Your Health & Wellness

  • Knowledge about your Sacral Chakra

  • A self-healing sequence for your Sacral Chakra

  • About Limiting Beliefs & How to Clear your Limiting Beliefs

  • Plus ~ Complete The Homework and Questions


Bonus Guide - Mindful Eating

  • About Mindful Eating

  • How to use this weekly eating plan (4 week plan)

  • Weekly healthy eating

  • About protein foods 

  • About starchy foods 

  • About carbohydrate foods 

  • Plus - over 25 recipes for you to try


More Information about this guide can be found here

The guide is filled with energetic principles, manifestations and co-creation techniques


  • The guide is created from and is infused with a high-level of energy around manifestation, success and abundance


Do you desire to: 


~ Design a life you are wildly obsessed with

~ Use your personal experiences and beliefs to improve your life

 ~ Radically shift your beliefs and expectations around what you are capable of

 ~ Increase your confidence and understanding of what will make success inevitable for you

 ~ Learn to make life decisions from a place of purpose, flow and trust

 ~ Shift into a frequency of receiving your desires with ease


Then download this guide today!


    Get instant access to this guide + manifesting principles + homework when you download this guide today


    If you are enrolling now, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Do this for you. Do this for those you are here to help. Do this on purpose.

    Health & Wellness Online Guide & Course Bundle

    VAT Included

    Spring SALE! 2024

    • Over 2 hours of content

      4 x MP4 Videos - Guide lessons with audio description

      4 x PDF Guides / Manuals

      1 x Bonus Guide - Mindful Eating - PDF