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Dreams and Chakras - How They Give Us Insight To Our Emotional State

Updated: Mar 10

dreamcatcher - dreams & chakras

Dreams can give us important insights into our emotional state. By understanding the emotions in our dreams we can interpret our real feelings about certain life situations and then work to overcome any blockages in our lives. Dreams can reveal our limiting beliefs and attitudes that prevent us from moving forward in the direction of life we desire. Our dreams can reveal certain things to us, like; how we really feel, what we are thinking, what issues may need our attention or even possible solutions to a problem we are facing.

While we search for the meaning of our dreams we may find that identifying symbols associated with specific chakras enrich our overall understanding of our dreams and most importantly ourselves. Dreams have a layered intricate meanings and our chakras represent just one layer of these meanings. It is important not to limit oneself to just one meaning. Our unconscious minds are very creative and amazing so one symbol may have significant meanings for us on different psychological or emotional levels.

Dreamcatcher - dreams and chakras

Dreams have many purposes in our lives and these purposes range from processing the emotional issues of the day to fulfilling our quest for spiritual enlightenment. One function of our dreams can reveal information related to our chakras

Considering chakras as we explore dreams allows us to view a dream in a more holistic way. Because our dreams are layered a symbol usually has multiple meanings all relating to the dreamer. The concept of chakras complements this layering of meanings in our dreams because each chakra has a layered influence on a person's overall well-being. Dreams usually reveal a theme or pattern that is dominant in your life at that point in time; each chakra also has it's dominant theme of energy. When we correlate the two, dreams and chakras, we have powerful knowledge to work with.

Chakra healing helps us to release our old patterns that are restricting us and helps us to create space for the new empowering energy to flow and manifest.

Your dreams can reflect whether your chakras are balanced, overactive, underactive, blocked or in the process of opening. Here I will explain the dream meanings related to each chakra and some of dream symbols that you may experience.

The Root Chakra

Dream symbols and images associated with this chakra relate to the colour red, roots, the earth, dirt, tails, blood and the bottom of objects. Dreaming of the colour red is an indication of raw energy, intense passion, aggression, power, courage, and impulsiveness. The colour red in a dream also has deep emotional and spiritual connotations.

Alternatively, the colour red in your dream indicates a lack of energy, you may be feeling tired or lethargic. Also consider the phrase "seeing red" to denote anger. Red is also the color of danger, violence, blood, shame or rejection.

The Sacral Chakra

Is associated with the colour orange; dream symbols include oranges, the pelvic area and articles of clothing in this area, such as belts.

Dreaming of an orange light may relate to this chakras overactivity

The colour orange in a dream denotes hope, friendliness, courtesy, generosity, liveliness, sociability, and an out-going nature. It also represents a stimulation of the senses. You may want to expand your horizons and look into new interests or ways to be creative.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Dream symbols and images include:

  • The colour yellow

  • The stomach area

  • Articles of clothing located on the torso

  • The centre of objects

  • The sun

  • Lemons

If you dream of yellow light emitting from one's body this has both positive and negative connotations. If the dream is a nice one, then the colour yellow is symbolic of intellect, energy, agility, happiness, harmony, and wisdom.

Alternatively, if the dream is an unpleasant one, then the colour represents deceit, disgrace, betrayal, cowardice and sickness.

To dream of a yellow room suggests that you need to use your mind; you are feeling mentally stimulated. 

Yellow sometimes indicates that you may be experiencing fear or an inability to make a decision or to take action. Your desire to please others could be at the risk of sacrificing your own needs and happiness. As a result, you might be experiencing many setbacks.

The Heart Chakra

Dream symbols and images associated with this chakra would relate to the colour green, the heart, the centre of the chest, and the centre of an object.

Dreaming of experiencing injury to the heart area indicates that this chakra is blocked.

The colour green within a dream signifies a positive change, good health, growth, fertility, healing, hope, vigour, vitality, peace, and serenity. The appearance of the colour may also be a way of telling you to "go ahead".

A dark green colour symbolizes natural wisdom and Zen. You would like to achieve peace in your environment.

To "be green" means that you are environmentally conscious. Green is also symbolic of your strive to gain recognition and establish your independence. Money, wealth and jealousy are often associated with this colour.

In a negative dream the colour green is a metaphor for a lack of experience in some task. A murky green colour indicates materialism, cheating, deceit, or difficulties with sharing.

The Throat Chakra

Dream symbols and images associated with this chakra relate to the colour blue, the neck, the throat, speaking or writing, and objects associated with the neck such as a necklace or scarf. This symbol can also be hidden in objects such as the neck of a bottle. Also, consider the phrase "having a frog in one's throat" this may relate to difficulty in expressing yourself.

The presence of this colour in your dream may symbolise your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future. You currently have clarity of mind and you could be expressing a desire to get away. Blue signifies that you like to pace yourself in whatever you are doing.

If you are wearing light blue in your dream, then it symbolises your creativity.

The colour blue in a dream represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquillity, loyalty and openness.

In a negative dream the colour blue may sometimes be a metaphor for "being blue" and feeling sad. To see the colour dark blue represents conformity and a lack of individuality.

The Third Eye Chakra

Dream symbols and images associated with this chakra may include the colour indigo and relate to the forehead, an eye, or the mind. Dreams may include a psychic person, being psychic yourself, crystal balls or having a third eye.

The colour indigo in a dream relates to spirituality and divine protection.

In a bad dream to see indigo it may mean deceit.

If you see the colour purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the colour of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity.

Crown Chakra

Dream symbols and images associated with the Crown chakra would relate to the top of your head, the top of someone else's head or even an animal's head, a crown, a hat, and objects that stand out in either the colour purple or white.

Dreaming of a beautiful string attached to someone's head may relate to activating this chakra. But if you dream of an injury to the top of the head may relate to blockages at this chakra.

To see the colour violet denotes high spirituality, affection, gentleness, charm, and peacefulness. You probably have a sense of intuitive understanding. To see the colour mauve in your dream, indicates that you may need to clear your mind of negative thoughts and think more positively.

Dream translations can help us to understand the root cause of some of the challenges we experience in life.

Once we understand this we can then take the steps to resolve these issues and work at bringing together our mindset as a whole, this clarifies how we feel about ourselves and what gives our life true purpose and meaning. 

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